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If you’ve ever struggled with dieting or weight management, and are tired of relying on or having a love/hate relationship with food in difficult times, want to find better ways to manage stress and food cravings, and want to establish peace time in the battle you feel you are fighting every day for your self worth, I can help.
As a holistic nutritionist and conscious eating coach, I support women having trouble with emotional eating and weight management in developing conscious eating habits, mindful weight management practices, and using the mind-body connection to create lasting, positive lifestyle changes that make her feel confident about herself every day.

Conscious Lifestyle Coaching will help you to:

e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Gain awareness of negative beliefs and dis-empowering thoughts
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Recognize unhealthy coping behaviors and their triggers
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Lose weight, both physically and spiritually
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Feel more energetic
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Create healthier habits to help manage stress, uncomfortable emotions, and anxiety
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Regain a sense of purpose and positive self-/body-image
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Deepen and strengthen personal relationships
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Foster creative energy
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Learn to listen to (and trust) your intuition
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Take small, bite-sized steps with full support
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Face & release fears, negative energies, and emotions in a safe space
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Heal your relationship with food, and eliminate compulsive overeating
  e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Rid yourself of “should’s” and “somedays”
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27  Learn how to cultivate the confidence you need to make and reach personal goals
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Make real, lasting lifestyle (mind, body, and soul) changes that leave you feeling more positive and personally empowered


What is “Holistic” Conscious Lifestyle Coaching?

Many of us today feel disconnected both from our own hearts and personal power, and from those we love. We find ourselves playing an unending game of tug-of-war while struggling to make positive changes in our lives. It’s a painful experience, and often a frightening one to start a journey toward feeling whole again. Because that means facing and processing a lot of hurt, fear, anger, or any number of emotions and dis-empowering beliefs that keep us paralyzed.
Most of us aren’t even sure what those feelings or thoughts are.
Staying in the dark not only keeps us stagnated, but it can lead to any number of self-destructive behaviors that ultimately affect our health and well-being. For many, that leads to lifestyle habits such as:
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Emotional/stress eating
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Weight gain or irregular weight management
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Poor sleep and low energy/apathy
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Low self-esteem
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27Shallow or inconsistent relationships
e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27Inability to make decisions (positive or negative) and move forward


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 What is a “Lifestyle Habit?”

Lifestyle habits include:
  • Diet
  • Physical Activity
  • Quantity/Quality of Sleep
  • Stress load and management
  • Personal thoughts (negative or positive)
When we have difficulty managing our day-to-day behaviors, especially when it pertains to food, many times there is something more than habit going on: Often, it’s an underlying emotional component, driven by any number of elements, including our level of satisfaction with:
  • The health of our social lives and relationships (friends, family, romantic),
  • Fulfillment in our jobs or careers
  • Our environment (home, work, or geographical location),
  • Our finances
  • Opportunities for creativity
  • Quality or amount of spiritual self-care
  • Personal self-development


What if you didn’t have to do it alone?

I know what it feels like to be confused, and feel all alone. But you don’t have to. Having a a holistic lifestyle mentor like me holding your hand and empowering you each step of the way can support you in making changes physically, emotionally, energetically & spiritually. One small step at a time.



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Thinking of Starting or Expanding Your Family?

I can help support you in feeling prepared in mind, body and soul for pregnancy and birth with the following services:

e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27     Preconception Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Healthy Preconception Weight Management/Loss

e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27   Prenatal / Postpartum Nutrition

e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Breastfeeding Education & Support

e74bff320a7d580e02c2f11103659f27 Birth Doula & Photography Services