Nickel and dime your way to health: ChooseMyPlate launches new grocery budgeting resource

In an economy which is struggling to balance itself, we all would like to get more bang for our buck – especially when we’re at the grocery store. And on the surface, eating and buying healthy can appear much more expensive.

on a budgetWell, the U.S. Department of Agriculture ( this week announced a new tool in its resource chest to help people make their nutrition nickles count. Piggybacking on its Ten Tips to save at the grocery store, ChooseMyPlate has created “Healthy Eating on a Budget.”

“This resource not only demonstrates that it is possible to eat healthfully on a budget, but it shows how,” CNPP Deputy Director Jackie Haven said  in the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s press release sent out this past Monday. “These new pages complement our existing resources on, allowing consumers to figure out how to improve their nutrition, and how to make it affordable.”

On this page, you get great ideas on:

  • How to create a “before you shop game plan” for your shopping trip, including tips for making healthy, low-cost meals and how to find the best deals
  • How to read labels, from the little price tags and unit prices and food labels, and how those skills can make for a better food (and price!) choice. They even provide detailed tips for every store aisle, including at your choosemyplatearea farmer’s market.
  • Ways to cook more healthy, but still affordable meals for you and your family with a cookbook and other recipes provided right on the website, as well as kitchen time-saving tips and a list of staple foods to always keep on hand.

There is a general tip published every week. Don’t think you’ll remember to check into the website every week? Have updates sent to YOU on your email! That option is offered to you on any page of this new section. It’s a pretty nifty tool.

“Although healthy foods aren’t always more expensive, many low-income people face time and resource challenges when it comes to putting healthy food on the table,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said  in the  press release . “Promoting nutritious food choices can have a positive impact on improving the health and diet quality of Americans. USDA offers a broad spectrum of strategies to empower low-income families to purchase healthier foods.”


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