Ladies, are you tired of feeling “broken?”

Is your lack of confidence in yourself affecting everything else in your life, painting yourself into a corner? Want to dream bigger, but your insecurities are preventing you from taking those necessary steps to become the woman of your dreams?


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Are you ready to do some soul-searching and end that never-ending battle with yourself? 

Having clicked your way to this website is an amazing start! My name is Lindsey Gemme, and I am your future holistic wellness mentor. If you feel shackled each day by shame, regret, guilt, anger, or fear, it is hard to feel confident about yourself, about your ability to make the right decisions for yourself, and to truly move on into a life of fulfillment and joy.

But you don’t have to feel alone. You can take small steps to embrace your inner strengths and value through holistic health practices and gentle coaching with a mentor.

Working with me as your mentor will help to accomplish building and implementing the following life-changing skills:

Building of intuitive emotional wellness 

  • Overcoming self-imposed obstacles, low confidence, or insecurities
  • Overcoming negative personal health habits and beliefs
  • Clarification of personal purpose/desires
  • Instituting effective lifestyle changes
  • Shifting into a positive mindset

Building of intuitive physical wellness

  • Developing a personalized wellness plan that works for you
  • Fitting in physical movement (that you love!) into your day
  • Making better, more informed eating choices
    • Can increase your energy
    • Improve sleep quality
    • Lead to better weight management
  • Stress and time management skills
    • Can decrease chronic illness symptoms
    • Potentially address root causes of addictions & cravings

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