Quick Start Package



Sessions Available by Phone or Skype

4 Sessions / $600

($150 per session)


OR A DIET TUNE-UP and wants an accountability partner. General nutrition & lifestyle assessment. Focus is on portion sizes, food intake, basic nutrition, mind/body health, and a refresher on personal lifestyle habits.

Mentorship and co-facilitating lifestyle change Each of your 4 sessions will be driven by you and your personal goals relating to weight loss, general healthy eating and/or integrating healthy lifestyle habits. You are empowered to create your own plan as to what your mentorship looks like, and what goals you wish to reach while working with me. Sessions with me include helping you to trouble shoot and navigate through: Time management, cooking, portion control, making healthy snack and meal choices, etc.
Text & Email Support Have questions in between sessions? I am available to provide you with answers via email or text within 24 hours of your message.
Subscription to e-newsletter You will receive emails that will touch on a variety of healthy topics and will provide you with excellent tips on your wellness journey.
Ongoing Nutrition Education As we go along, we will discover areas where you wish you knew or understood more about diet or healthy lifestyle ideas. I can provide you with in-depth, personalized education, as well as handouts on things such as: Vitamins / minerals, food groups, how to read a nutrition label, heart healthy cooking techniques, and much more!
General Nutritional Assessment Using a simple assessment, you will inform me about your most “commonly consumed” foods. I can then make recommendations about nutrients you may be eating too much or too little (fat, protein, carbohydrates, salt, vitamins/minerals, fiber, water, caffeine), and which foods could be a better option.

In-Home Services

A La Carte Pricing

(available Arizona only)

IN-HOME PANTRY ASSESSMENT $125 (up to two hours)
HANDS-ON SHOPPING ASSISTANCE $200 (up to two hours)
COOKING LESSONS $300 (three hours – may or may not include shopping)

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