New York City ban : Soda goes flat

Ah, the world’s been watching you, New York City. And as I had expected, this soda ban idea fell pretty flat.

Now, I’ve expressed my opinion on this in an earlier post, but it’s interesting to hear the thoughts expressed by others closer to the lawmaking side of the ban. True, limiting the large drinks does seem like a great law in theory, when you’re trying to head off the obesity issue. But it starts at home, with parents instructing kids what to eat and not eat, like one of the defense lawyers mentioned.

I don’t think regulation is needed, I think better nutritional education is sorely lacking. Laws like this just step on the toes of Americans’ rights. And let me tell you, the last person I want to agree with is Sarah Palin. But that goes to show you how most people react to having their rights to buy and eat how they want taken away or limited, whether or not their rights will lead them to an early death and drain taxpayer money for medical bills.

Educate. Educate. Educate.