Today’s blog from the heart

Who is more important to you than, well, you? Valentine's Day always involves matters of the heart, and today you might try thinking about your own heart health. But are you a commit-a-phobe, afraid to make that promise to yourself to treat yourself well? Put yourself first? Check in with yourself, and make sure that you're [...]


Meaning of “mother”

Meaning of "mother"

I don't often write editorials anymore...I got tired of repeating myself every year, every week. But as Mother's Day neared, it was too personal not to express what mothers mean in my life. This was an editorial I wrote for my newspaper this past week... *Love* to mothers and daughters everywhere. 

A foodie’s inspiration: Food, or inner drive to please?

What is your inspiration to cook?  I am a self-diagnosed, obsessive-compulsive foodie. Anything food-related makes me want to drop everything and investigate. So, when I stumbled across the above linked video spot for the BBC's new show No Kitchen Required last week on happenstance, I clicked through, because the tagline "What inspires you to cook" intrigued me. [...]

FYI Online Daters: You’re missing out on your brain telling you who’s Mr. Right

Matters of the heart can be hit and miss, no matter how you go about it. But apparently dating is literally all a head-game, according to Scientific American. Health and the science behind emotions and how they affect us physically is something that has always intrigued me. Today, I came across this basic video on [...]