So unexpected (plus a recipe)

Me? Write a cookbook?

Well, after deciding a meal my husband made was too pretty to eat and took out my new studio lights to take pictures – I was hooked. I have awakened a new passion the past few days to design recipes and artistically and visually capture the love I have for food, cooking, and a SOUL (seasonal, organic, unprocessed and local) lifestyle.

Want to take this journey with me?

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Depressed? How to tell, and mood-lifting lifestyle tips

Signs & Symptoms for Depression

  • You have an ongoing sense of hopelessness or feel helpless
  • You are always tired You’ve experienced changes in your sleeping (e.g. insomnia or sleeping too much) and eating patterns (severe weight loss/weight gain)
  • You have difficulty concentrating or remembering things
  • You no longer enjoy usual pastimes, events, or friends and have lost interest You thoughts are always dark and negative – about yourself or events and people in your life
  • You get upset or angry much easier than usual You find yourself abusing alcohol or other drug, or participate in reckless behavior

Causes & Risk Factors For Depression

  • Loneliness
  • Lack of social support
  • Recent stressful life experiences
  • Family history of depression
  • Marital or relationship problems
  • Financial strain
  • Early childhood trauma or abuse
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Unemployment or underemployment
  • Health problems or chronic pain

What can I do to prevent / reverse depression?

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Think fast – and lose weight?

There’s a new buzz word that I’ve been seeing popping up on the internet in the diet world lately: Intermittent fasting.

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A little help from (girl)friends can prolong your life

It was the perfect end to a perfect day. It was a beautiful fall evening. The festivities had ended, and I was surrounded by every love of my life. A large group of us were sitting around in a semicircle around the fireplace in a bed and breakfast in Sedona in a post-wedding day stupor – me, my new husband and my dearest childhood friends (who had all flown in specially for the occasion). One of my closest friends–and the one who’d married my husband and I that day–I’d known since the first day of kindergarten.

It didn’t take long before we were laughing boisterously over dinner, singing, reminiscing, and embracing as if we’d all had too much wine (no, just drunk on each other’s company) – as the husbands exchanged looks, confirming, ‘Yup, this happens every time they’re together.’ Although we live nearly a continent apart, the five of us turn into teenagers again each time we are reunited, never skipping a beat in our deep, rich friendships. I didn’t want this night to end, and cried yet again at our parting …

Because these were the girls that saved my life.

Let me explain.

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Get the girls together! Celebrating Women’s Friendship Month

We all know how precious our friendships are. But so many times, life gets in the way and it could be weeks, months, even years between times when we get to see or speak to our closest girlfriends. Well, this month gives us an excuse to improve those statistics! Here are some great ideas to get you started in reconnecting with old friends (and making some new ones, too!).


  • Busy? Carve out time to invite a friend out for coffee or tea
  • Buy a friend a little gift – whether it’s a book of poetry, some fragrance, or something that has personal meaning to you both
  • Plan a girls’ night out! Visit some of your favorite stores, restaurants, or even go out to see a movie
  • Or have a girls’ night in! Rent a few feel-good girl night movies, drink some wine and all the sweets you avoid during the rest of the year.
  • Spoil yourself and a friend by getting a massage or visiting a spa and get facials and pedicures!
  • With the world as plugged in as it is, it is easier and easier to reconnect with people we haven’t seen in years. So try looking for childhood friend with whom you’ve lost contact, and say hello!
  • Sign up for a class together with a friend! From tango to wine tasting, or a scrapbooking class, there are lots of choices.
  • Plan an adventure or trip. Go hiking, hot-air ballooning, skydiving, backpacking, camping, white water rafting, etc.
  • Send flowers to the special women in your life, whether it’s your mother or sister, or someone very close to you who has had a large impact on your life, like a female mentor
  • Have a good group of gals at work? Tell them about International Women’s Friendship Month and schedule a lunch or after-work cocktails together
  • If you’ve had friends for many years, you’ve seen a lot of movies and listened to a lot of music in that time. Trying making an old-fashioned “mix tape” or create a CD with songs that you and a friend or friends have in common and gift them with a note talking about all the wonderful memories you’ve made together!
  • Do you have a creative hobby or two? Use your talents or hobbies to make something from the heart for a friend
  • Take cards and a crafted gift, or a home-made meal or pastries to your lady neighbors or coworkers
  • Make plans with your good friends to volunteer at a women’s shelter, soup kitchen, or other group in need
  • Write a long letter, or maybe even blog and publish it to the world about your best friends and how much they have inspired or supported you through the years
  • Create a standing monthly event with a group of friends, like a book club or a potluck, or movie night!

Make new friends!

Did you know girlfriends can add years to your life?

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4 things you should know about supplement safety

Herbal and dietary supplements are topping the list of perceived natural over-the-counter alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. But the idea of supplements as being “natural” can also be misleading.

While current healthcare industry practices continue to keep America sick, so many people (including myself) are looking for alternative methods to heal ourselves instead.

According to a report by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, complementary or alternative medicine (CAM) has been steadily increasing in popularity in the last decade. The numbers as of 2007 said that about four in 10 adults and one in nine children are using CAM. And those numbers today are anticipated to be even higher.

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8 tips that help you avoid gaining the “freshman 15”

You’ve graduated high school and you’re off to college! Believe me when I say from the bottom of my heart, congratulations. You’ve worked hard for it. And it’s one of the most exciting times of your life. You have the college experience to look forward to, and the rest of your life in front of you.

But for many, that also means being on your own and making your decisions solely for yourself for the first time, and adapting to a complete change in lifestyle. Between the stress and the new academic workload schedule, so many college freshman gain excess weight their first year. To help balance out your new-found freedoms and increased obligations, here are a few tips to keep yourself healthy and happy through the college years (and beyond!):

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