Forget losing weight this New Year’s

Happy New Year's! As I sit and write this on the morn of New Year's Eve, I see my Facebook feed flooding with "resolutions." We know the drill. Every year, people make the same promises to themselves. To get a better job. To stop smoking. Spend less. Spend more time with family. Get fit. And [...]


Smart thinking for 2014

"Your eyes are always bigger than your stomach!" It is a familiar childhood lament I remember my mother bemoaning when time and time again I would take a plateful more of food than I could realistically manage to fit into my stomach. It looked so good sitting there in the pot, and my mouth would [...]

April: A month for new beginnings.

April's coming and going has brought us spring, 2012! As the temps begin to rise here in Arizona to remind us of the very short bridge between spring and the hot official kickoff of summer on the solstice (July 20), everybody is getting the itch. It's the time to start shaking off that winter coat, [...]