Composting basics

Gardens are a great way to help lower your grocery bill, get you moving around for some physical exercise, and provide a sense of pride that, "Hey, I grew that!" It's simply satisfying. And one way to ensure that a garden grows to its fullest potential is to fertilize it with a layer of composted [...]

Today’s blog from the heart

Who is more important to you than, well, you? Valentine's Day always involves matters of the heart, and today you might try thinking about your own heart health. But are you a commit-a-phobe, afraid to make that promise to yourself to treat yourself well? Put yourself first? Check in with yourself, and make sure that you're [...]

Top 5 Healthy Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

You’re counting the days, and probably hours and minutes, until touchdown this weekend. But have you been counting the grams of fat and calories in your food, or better yet, the calories you may or may not be burning off on the big day? Here are a few tips for making your Super Bowl this [...]

Smart thinking for 2014

"Your eyes are always bigger than your stomach!" It is a familiar childhood lament I remember my mother bemoaning when time and time again I would take a plateful more of food than I could realistically manage to fit into my stomach. It looked so good sitting there in the pot, and my mouth would [...]

5 ways to survive the NaNoWriMo homestretch

It's mid-November, and only one week left to the National Novel Writing Month, 50,000-word book-in-a-month challenge. While I've recused myself from the typing frenzy this year, I've been in your shoes. The month threatens to come to a close and you are still thousands of words behind schedule. Will you make it? It means a [...]