How Your Mentorship Works


What to expect

Each of your sessions will be driven by you and your personal goals relating to a healthy holistic lifestyle, where we will co-facilitate steps and change. You are empowered to create your own plan as to what your mentorship looks like, and what goals you wish to reach while working with me.

How it works

Upon purchase of your package and signing a services agreement, we will schedule a 2-hour intake session, and then weekly or bi-weekly reiki and coaching sessions after that, depending on your needs.
A session is about an hour to an 90 minutes in length. They may be shorter, or longer, depending on your body’s level of imbalance, what your goal-setting needs are, and how quickly we can narrow in on your needs for that week. We will keep in touch in between sessions, as you log food, activity, and other lifestyle habits on an online platform that allows you to receive immediate feedback from me.
Sessions are weekly for the first month, and can then be scheduled bi-weekly after that.
You will be billed monthly, at the end of the month.
***You as the client are responsible for calling in for your appointment at the agreed date and time, as you would show up to any appointment. If you are later than 10 minutes calling in, you will forfeit the cost of that session and we will have to reschedule (unless agreed upon beforehand, or extenuating circumstances apply).
Sessions with me include helping you to trouble shoot and navigate through:
  • Integrating healthier eating (cooking, portion control, making healthy snack and meal choices, etc. and much more)
  • Techniques for better sleep
  • Initiating and sustaining enjoyable physical activity
  • Connecting deeper with friends and loved ones
  • Ways to increase your physical energy
  • Healing negative self talk, and address fears and reframe limiting beliefs that affect your self-esteem
  • Generating more creative energy/creative living into your daily life
  • Tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition
  • Time & stress management
  • Making “you” time a priority, and a sacred part of your schedule
  • Gaining clarity / awareness of coping methods to emotional stress
  • Prioritizing needs, goals, and planning each small step that will help you get there

Additional Support Provided

Text and email: Have questions in between sessions? I am available to provide you with answers via email or text within 24 hours of your message.
Lifestyle log sheets: You will receive easy to use log sheets via email or online that you can fill out on the computer or print out and write on. You will receive log sheets for meals, physical activity, sleep, and thought patterns. The more you are aware of what, when and why you eat, how you think, and how you move, the better you will be informed on how to consciously make changes.
Handouts & Resources: As we go along, we will discover areas where you wish you knew or understood more about diet or healthy lifestyle ideas. From handouts to books, websites or apps, I can provide you with in-depth resources to support you on your journey.
Ongoing Diet Diary Review & Recommendations: As part of your lifestyle change plan, you will get convenient, personalized weekly updates from me as I view your food intake using an online daily food diary. From there, I can provide tips and suggestions for healthier options or better cooking methods, etc. that will help you reach your goal (e.g., weight loss, eat better, have more energy, etc.). I can also work with you on menu planning, providing you with recipes, shopping lists, and more. You will receive in-depth reports about your nutrient intake, including fat, protein, carbohydrates, salt, vitamins/minerals, fiber, water, caffeine, so we know where you are insufficient and what you are doing well on.
Personalized Exercises and Journaling Prompts: Every week, you will have your own lifestyle goals you wish to work toward. In the meantime, you may receive weekly thought exercises and journaling prompts to help you identify other problem areas and to brainstorm solutions as well as to track your progress in writing as you grow and change!


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