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Old (Emotional) Habits Die Hard

I won’t insult you by saying I know more about healthy eating than you do.

A good many of my clients know the difference between a potato chip and a carrot. But oftentimes, we find ourselves overweight because we cannot break old, long-ingrained dietary habits that aren’t good for us.

When you come down to it, eating is as much of a behavior as any other bad habit such as swearing or smoking. We at some point in our lives found food soothing and consistently learned to lean on its comfort when we were facing difficult times in our lives. If you are frustrated with your weight on account of emotion or stress eating, I can help.

I frequently hear from my clients that they feared seeking help in losing weight from a nutritionist. They thought that it would mean they would be judged and made to feel guilty for their weight or habits. But Plateful of Soul is a safe place. And I’ll tell you why.


You’re not alone…

According to the American Psychological Association (www.apa.org), 38 percent of men and women in the US say that stress in their lives have driven them to overeat or seek out unhealthy foods in order to distract themselves. Half of those who reported this eating habit say they do it on a weekly basis, if not more.

If you’ve struggled with your weight and shoulder the frustration – sometimes guilt – of about your relationship with food, it’s okay to ask for help. I’m right here, and I’ve been where you are.


Although today I am a nutritionist (here I am with my first and only tomato I’ve ever been able to grow here in sunny Arizona), I wasn’t always a healthy eater. I spent most of my adult life thinking I was eating “healthy,” yet I couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight, and couldn’t seem to shake it. I would feel guilty if I ate a cookie or potato chip, and would then try to work it off by doing stomach crunches – thinking that made a difference. Well, at least I hoped I did. It was confusing, too, with all of the conflicting information out there about what was and wasn’t healthy – which only got worse as the Internet grew.

Or when I was tired, stressed, or lonely, I found myself raiding the fridge, mindlessly eating the worst things I could find while zoning out in front of the TV. Sometimes this was a nightly occurrence.

I was frustrated, had no energy most of the time, didn’t like who I saw in the mirror, and felt miserable about being me.

When I started learning about nutrition and physical health, I was floored about the habits I had that were contributing to my weight gain.  I began to see the cyclical effect our lifestyle as a culture here in the US has on our eating habits – from our self-talk and personal confidence, to our physical activity level, our stress level, and general positive outlook and happiness quotient. And I suddenly realized that I had to change myself inside in order to start seeing positive changes on the outside.

Like I said, you most likely have all the knowledge you need on what to eat; but re-learning how to eat may be the base of your struggles. If these other elements in our lives are off track, we often turn to food to console ourselves. And that is what creates the cycle that I can help you break free from.


Plateful of Soul Holistic Emotional Eating Mentorship Package


Six Months / 24 Sessions

Sessions Available by Phone or Skype


Mentorship and co-facilitating lifestyle change Each of your 24 sessions will be driven by you and your personal goals relating to a healthy holistic lifestyle. You are empowered to create your own plan as to what your mentorship looks like, and what goals you wish to reach while working with me. Sessions with me include helping you to trouble shoot and navigate through: healing negative self talk or beliefs, integrating healthier eating, techniques for better sleep, initiating and sustaining enjoyable physical activity, connecting with friends and loved ones, ways to increase your physical energy, how to bring creativity into your life, time & stress management, cooking, portion control, making healthy snack and meal choices, etc. and much more.
Text & Email Support Have questions in between sessions? I am available to provide you with answers via email or text within 24 hours of your message.
Subscription to e-newsletter You will receive emails that will touch on a variety of healthy topics and will provide you with excellent tips on your wellness journey.
Lifestyle Log Sheets You will receive easy to use log sheets via email or online that you can fill out on the computer or print out and write on. You will receive log sheets for meals, physical activity, sleep, and thought patterns. The more you are aware of what, when and why you eat, how you think, and how you move, the better you will be informed on how to consciously make changes.
Handouts & Information as Requested As we go along, we will discover areas where you wish you knew or understood more about diet or healthy lifestyle ideas. I can provide you with in-depth handouts on things such as: Vitamins / Minerals, Food Groups, how to read a nutrition label, heart healthy cooking techniques, and much more!
Personalized Holistic Coaching & Diet Review You will get convenient, personalized weekly updates from me as I view your food intake using an online daily food diary, and provide tips and suggestions for healthier options or better cooking methods, etc. that will help you reach your goal (e.g., weight loss, eat better, have more energy, etc.). I can also work with you on menu planning, providing you with recipes, shopping lists, and more. You will receive in-depth reports about your nutrient intake, including fat, protein, carbohydrates, salt, vitamins/minerals, fiber, water, caffeine, so we know where you are insufficient and what you are doing well on.
Weekly Exercises and Journaling prompts Every week, you will have your own lifestyle goals you wish to work toward. In the meantime, you will receive weekly thought exercises and journaling prompts to help you identify your toxic thoughts and beliefs, learn how to rewrite them, and track your progress in writing as you grow and change!
Access to webinars and online classes Any paid online programs or courses are available to enrollees in this program, free of charge
In-Home Services A complementary in-home pantry assessment, hands-on shopping assitance and cooking lessons are available the first month, free of charge for Arizona natives (additional fees may apply for out-of-state clients).

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