My Wellness Philosophy


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What we call “wellness” is not just physical, nor is it solely mental. If you are unhappy in a job or relationship, sudden health problems or self-sabotaging habits can show up until that negative emotion is resolved. The same can occur if we have a health issue that prevents us from going about our regular business, which can create depression and other self-defeating beliefs and exacerbates the issue.

It’s an endless cycle we may not be able to see.

That is why my approach to empowering you in starting your wellness journey does not only address your physical health. Wellness and health is dependent on a mind-body connection.We are emotionally complicated beings, with complicated lives. But if we change one thing, it’s going to immediately have a domino effect everywhere else. And especially when they are positive changes, everything in your life shifts for the better.

And going from feeling helpless and unsure to empowered and confident makes those life changes a much easier process!

As your mentor, I will help you assess your emotional hurdles as well as the physical ones, in order to support you in co-creating a personally tailored wellness plan that you feel good about. It all starts with you. Are you ready?

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