About Your Wellness Mentor

Lindsey Gemme

NDTR, CLC, CD(DONA), Herbalist, Reiki Master


My name is Lindsey Gemme, and I am a certified life coach and holistic nutritionist, herbalist, reiki master, lactation counselor and birth doula. I have a passion for women’s health and wellness, and helping women to build the confidence it takes to reach their full potential. I work to empower women to learn and develop essential life skills, including overcoming negative personal health habits and beliefs and instituting effective lifestyle changes for healthy and happy women, including moms and families.

My work is both education and inspiration: I work alongside my clients in establishing a momentum and enthusiasm on their forward journey toward reaching personal health goals and fulfillment. I remain available by text, phone, or email throughout my clients’ wellness mentoring process as a built-in support system. Any client who works with me develops self-management skills that will benefit her throughout her lifetime, and can then pass on to her fellow sisters, and her children.


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