The Dangers of Buying Breast Milk Online: Study

We would all like to think that women selling their breast milk have the best interests of your child in mind, but buying breast milk online can always be a gamble. It’s difficult to waive the option when milk banks have sparse supplies. What do you think? Would you take the risk if you could not breastfeed your child?

And what are your thoughts on athletes now using breast milk as the next “super food”?


In the DIY corner of the internet, buying, selling and trading breast milk is a booming online business—and that’s a dangerous thing, according to a new editorial in The BMJ.

A multidisciplinary team of researchers decided to investigate the practice whereby new mothers buy breast milk from strangers online and feed it to their infants. It’s a practice the researchers conclude is growing—and fastest in the U.S. Some women unable to breastfeed see it as a healthier alternative to formula, and online breast milk is often cheaper than the kind you find at a regulated milk bank, where the milk is screened, collected, pasteurized and stored according to strict protocol, the authors say.

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But the online market for breast milk is almost entirely unregulated and it can put young children at risk. There are no requirements to test sellers for diseases that…

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