New name, new plate to make

It’s an amazing feeling to have a little corner of the world to call your own. Even if it’s a virtual corner, it’s still something I can call mine. And that’s what is for me.

Last weekend, as you may have noticed, I made the decision to finally buy a domain name for this blog and possibly a future nutrition counseling business. Though I’m still shaky on the details of my services, I’m excited that I’ve taken this step. This one simple act, I feel, has only strengthened my commitment and utter passion in helping the world eat a little bit better.

I’d been wracking my brain for weeks trying to come up with a unique name for this business idea that is as-of-yet still in its gaseous state. The more classes I take and the more I learn, the deeper my understanding has become regarding health and how we feed our bodies. And my concepts, ideals, and opinions are getting a little more solid. So, my name needed to reflect my individuality, and what I am passionate about representing.

So, ta-da! Why ‘Plateful of Soul’, you ask? Well, in some circles, SOUL is an acronym for an idealistic food lifestyle. In a perfect world, we should concentrate on buying food as Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed, and Local as we can.

Why is that so important? It all boils down to how fresh a food item is, and how many essential vitamins and minerals are still in the food by the time we get our hands on it. The longer food sits when plucked off the vine, the more the vulnerable vitamin molecules within it begin to break down.

So buying foods that are in season ensures that you’re getting something that has definitely been grown and picked recently.

Organic speaks for itself, so that we aren’t ingesting or risking exposing ourselves to hundreds of pesticides, herbicides and fungicide chemicals used on plants every year.

Unprocessed means that you are not buying or eating foods that have had nutrients stripped away or too much of the bad stuff (fat, salt, hydrogenated oils, dyes) added to it. If you never eat something out of a box or a can again, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. Getting fresh produce and whole wheat or whole grain products is better than picking yourself up a TV dinner. And stay away from white breads, flours, and rice. There is no real “food” left to those products that benefit the body.

The last, local, also ensures that the food you are buying hasn’t been sitting for a period of time before being shipped to market. The average mileage a piece of produce sees before finding itself on a shelf is about 15,000 miles. In that time, they’ve been losing essential nutrients, and risk abuse and bruising in transit. Many things in the markets are imported from other countries, or picked long before the fruits or vegetables are ready, and artificially ripened. This drastically cuts down on the amount of vitamins and minerals, natural sugars and fiber that are even in these foods, because they weren’t essentially done growing yet!

If you were to try eating a commercial tomato, and then a locally grown, organic tomato… you’d certainly taste the difference.

So how do you make sure you’re eating as SOUL-fully as you can? You can try your local supermarkets, but usually foods are shipped in from far off places. The best idea is to find your local corner market stands, and search out area farmers that sell directly to the public. It’s cheaper, cuts down on gas emissions of having food trucked in from elsewhere, and you know for certain that food is as fresh as can be. You might even have been able to pick it yourself.

And the better you eat and understand the reasons behind it, the better you feel – which is almost spiritual.

So if there is any mantra you adopt in your lifetime, you should consider the mantra of SOUL.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.


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