Streamlined healthy passions on Facebook

I finally just went ahead and did it.

About four or five months ago when I first began to blog seriously about my passions, I had likewise fiddled with the idea of starting up a Facebook page to specifically broadcast my posts on holistic health & lifestyle, cooking, gardening, etc. I fiddled with Facebook, figuring just what I wanted for a page, gave it a name, and …. let it languish there for months. There it sat, a wanna-be half a page, as of yet unpublished and crying for an audience.

Instead of nursing this new page to life, I simply continued to burden my personal newsfeed with tons of re-posts, hoping they were appreciated and were finding the right audience in my thick fog of Facebook connections.

But I knew I needed to branch out – sooner, rather than later.

Maybe it’s the fresh fall air that is giving me a renewed sense of purpose, or I just got tired of waiting. This past week, I finally went ahead and published a Facebook community called Health in Your Own Hands for those with an interest in food, gardening, and healthy living.  With so many Facebook account holders out there, I welcome you to tick “like” on my page, and enjoy the barrage of links I post and re-post throughout each day.

And if the mood strikes you… post something yourself.


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