In the News: Integrative Medicine: Antioxidants and Chemotherapy

This blog is probably my favorite thus far out there, with constant updates on cancer-fighting recipes (fighting cancer with real food, it’s true!). But here the writers share an article for your reading pleasure.

Cooking Up the Cure


That’s my reaction every time I read a published article on the critical role antioxidants play in our health and healing.

Today I want to share this article with you from the Sacramento Bee. It reaffirms my own experience and what my blog is all about.

Please Share widely!

Antioxidants and Chemotherapy

By Drs. Kay judge and Maxine Barish-Wreden
Published: Thursday, May. 31, 2012

Inflammation, and the use of antioxidants to put out inflammatory fires, is a hot topic these days. What do we mean by inflammation?

Inflammation is a natural and necessary response in the body whenever we are accosted by harmful germs or when we injure ourselves. When this occurs, our immune system steps in to fight foreign invaders and to bring our body back into balance so that we can heal.

Inflammatory chemicals are produced during this process, which can be harmful to our…

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