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Ladies, are you tired of feeling “broken?”

Is your lack of confidence in yourself affecting everything else in your life, painting yourself into a corner? Want to dream bigger, but your insecurities are preventing you from taking those necessary steps to become the woman of your dreams?


Are you ready to do some soul-searching and end that never-ending battle with yourself? 

Having clicked your way to this website is an amazing start! My name is Lindsey Gemme, and I am your future holistic wellness mentor. If you feel shackled each day by shame, regret, guilt, anger, or fear, it is hard to feel confident about yourself, about your ability to make the right decisions for yourself, and to truly move on into a life of fulfillment and joy. But you don’t have to feel alone. You can take small steps to embrace your inner strengths and value through holistic health practices and gentle coaching with a mentor.

How do you know you need a mentor?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you not like the person looking back at you in the mirror?
  • Are you unhappy, bored, restless, and unsatisfied with life?
  • Are you constantly comparing yourself and feel inferior to others?
  • Are you extremely shy or introverted?
  • Do you feel isolated and misunderstood?
  • Is it hard for you to speak up in front of other people/groups?
  • Are you constantly tired, and find it hard to get out of bed each morning?
  • Do you heap guilt on yourself and excessively serve others, and not serve yourself?
  • Do you feel alone, unloved or incapable of connecting with others?
  • Do you feel that your opinion, wishes, or desires are not valuable?
  • Even if you find yourself in a bad relationship/friendship, do you find it difficult to leave or break it off?
  • Can you not feel personally satisfied or fulfilled unless you have a significant other in your life?
  • When something upsets you, do you keep it to yourself until it mounts up and you explode later?
  • Is it hard for you to accept or give criticism?
  • Do you avoid doing things or going places by yourself?
  • Do you experience seemingly unexplained bouts of anger, anxiety, or depression?
  • Do you feel that you you have to wait or don’t deserve to be happy or live a fulfilled life until others around you have everything they need?
  • Do you find yourself in and out of the doctor’s office for one malady after another, and can’t find relief?
  • Do you find yourself constantly reneging on promises, responsibilities, social engagements?
  • Do you find yourself apologizing a lot, even if it’s not your fault?
  • If you succeed at something, do you chalk it up to luck rather than personal skill?
  • Is saying “no” to others hard or impossible to do?
  • If you make a mistake, do you find it hard to shake it off? Instead, do you think of yourself as a failure and get angry or upset with yourself?
  • Are you constantly telling yourself how bad you are at things, how stupid you are, how ugly parts of you are?
  • Do you regularly perform self-destructive acts like getting into one bad relationship after another, quitting or abandoning projects or goals, losing jobs, finding solace in addictive activities such as drugs or alcohol, overeating, shopping, internet, sex, etc.?

If you said yes to most of these questions, then it’s time to seek support. At Plateful of Soul, you will receive the support you need from a complementary partner, as I guide you toward a positive worldview and lifestyle through holistic health practices. I take pride as a mentor who is gentle, open-minded and nonjudgmental, and knows what you are going through – because I’ve been there before, too. Read about my story here.

But I’ve been able to overcome those challenges and can’t wait to support you in your journey to overcome yours. Contact me today to schedule your Soul-Searching Breakout Session (complimentary for a limited time), and amaze yourself with what your best can be!


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