Hiring a holistic wellness mentor is the first step you can take in creating the amazing life you’ve always wanted for yourself, but you were afraid to believe it was possible. I work to empower women to learn and develop essential life skills, including overcoming negative personal health habits and beliefs and instituting effective lifestyle changes.

How do you know you need a holistic wellness mentor?

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And ask yourself some very important questions

If you said yes to most of those questions, then it’s time to seek support. At Plateful of Soul, you will receive the support you need from a complementary partner, as I guide you toward a positive worldview and lifestyle through holistic health practices. I take pride as a mentor who is gentle, open-minded and nonjudgmental, and knows what you are going through – because I’ve been there before, too. Read about my story here.

But I’ve been able to overcome those challenges and can’t wait to support you in your journey to overcome yours. Contact me today to schedule your Soul-Search Discovery Session (complimentary for a limited time), and amaze yourself with what your best can be!


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